Upper Echelon Academy continues our tradition of excellence into the college years, offering unparalleled tutoring services for college equestrians.

UEA can help you with the next step - college

College – The Next Step

Upper Echelon Academy has experience managing the entirety of a college student’s academic career, from admissions to earning degrees. We can customize a degree to meet individual needs, with a combination of on-campus and online learning opportunities. We have established relationships with several schools where our students attend, including University of Miami, Lynn University, University of Southern California, Duke University, Arizona State University, and many more.

Working together with students at these schools, we are able to customize the educational experience to allow time for outside priorities such as athletics. We are experienced in curriculum design as well as in working with college counselors in order to create transfer credits that will enhance the entirety of your college experience. Upper Echelon Academy can also provide comprehensive degree programs through several online universities in order to provide the most customized education while keeping focus on the student’s outside goals and interests. At a cost comparable to private college tuition, we can tailor a program to fit your needs that ends with earning the same diploma you would receive had you attended the school in person. Contact our college specialists to find out more.