Tutoring service for college bound equestrians

Upper Echelon Academy continues our tradition of excellence into the college years, offering unparalleled tutoring services for college equestrians.

We understand the difficulty and importance of finding a balance between your passion and your educational goals. Our experienced college counselors and tutors are available from the beginning of the application and admissions process. We are here to help you juggle a difficult course load, available to meet last minute deadlines, and provide support for final exams. We have experienced, confidential professionals available to ensure a successful academic experience without compromising your equestrian goals.


UEA offers our students access to the best admissions resources available. Our advising professionals bring over twenty years of experience assisting students with their applications to some of the top high schools and colleges in the United States. UEA students are highly competitive in the admissions process and have an exceptional track record of every student earning a place at their first choice of institutions. To augment the admissions process, we offer proven preparation programs for standardized tests beginning with the SSAT continuing to the ACT, SAT, and AP course exams. Experienced UEA advisors are also available to consult on terms and modifications as needed for standardized testing.

Extended Support

UEA provides extended support to our students at the university level. We realize that athletes require unique support in their college years to be successful with managing their classroom time and outside commitments. UEA advisors coordinate with academic advisors at universities across the US in order to plan successful schedules for busy students. We also offer online dual enrollment options in conjunction with the student’s college in order to create a customized education plan that enables success in both the classroom and athletics. Our multitude of resources available helps students maintain high averages, manage their time, and choose the best path to receiving their desired degree. Our students are able to Skype tutors with questions, ask our education professionals for advice, receive help editing essays and much more. Using advanced technological resources and working closely with the students and their schools, UEA guarantees that our college students are able to achieve their goals in the most productive and efficient way possible.