Upper Echelon Academy Summer Academic Enrichment Programs

  PreK 3-1

Upper Echelon Academy PreK 3-1 Progam

Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten

  • Establishing a Routine
  • Collaborative learning
  • Upper case and lower case letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Rhyming
  • Identifying colors and shapes
  • Number recognition
  • Early math concepts through manipulative
  • Calendar (days the week and months of the year)
  • Writing name
  • Beginning and ending sounds
  • Scissor and glue skills

Let’s get Ready to Read

  • Letter sounds and identification
  • CVC word blends
  • Upper case and lower case letter recognition
  • Syllables
  • Rhyming



  Bridge the Gap

Upper Echelon Academy Bridge The Gap Program

Does your child need to bridge the gap between grades?

Make next year a success by developing the skills needed for their up coming academic year. Whether in one subject area or cost curricular, UEA can help your child start the next academic year on the right foot. Individualized programs K-12 with expert educators.

  Foreign Language Immersion Classes

Upper Echelon Academy Foreign Language Immersion Program
Our foreign language emersion classes not only teach the phonics of the language but also the culture. Students will gain an understanding of the language, verbiage, sentence structure and basic conversation skills. In addition, we will explore the culture and heritage of each language.

  6 week SAT/ACT Course

Upper Echelon Academy ACT-SAT Prep Program

Get the Score Gains You Want

Practice the Test so there is no more stress.

  • SAT/ACT Prep Sessions starting Soon:
  • Every Saturday from 9-12, starting April 22nd through June 3rd

Summer Session:

  • July 10th through August 19th, M-TH 10-12 and 5-7
  • ACT = M/W 10-12, T/TH 5-7
  • SAT = M/W 5-7, T/TH 10-12

Simulations Saturdays: (required unless a previous score is available.)

  • July 8th, 8-11
  • August 12th, 8-11

Included in registration:

  • College Board book or Real ACT Prep Guide

Simulations Saturdays: UEA requires student to either take the included simulations or provide us with previous test/simulation scores. This helps gauge progress and find areas of weakness.

Our Program:

Our program takes the student to the test date. It is in our experience students have stronger test gains when they are educated as close to the test date as possible. Leaving a gap between the last session and the test date creates a gap in retention. We want the material to be as fresh in the students mind as possible.
In addition to the academic component, educators also emphasize the physical and mental components which will contribute to better score gains. We educate the students how to be physically and mentally trained for the test. What to eat the morning of the test, what types of snacks to bring and how to keep not only your mind focused but your body awake.

Make Up Sessions:

Make up sessions are at additional costs. Each week there will be a make up day for students who missed one or both classes. This ensures each student stays at pace with the class as they work through module blocks.

Our Educator:

UEA’s qualified educator has been teaching SAT/ACT prep since 2005. She has consistently raised students’ SAT scores by more than 250 points and ACT scores by 6. Most impressively she has helped several students attain a perfect score in both the SAT and ACT. Here’s what people are saying:

“She is an excellent tutor in ACT reading and Science. Among other things, she has helped our daughter understand the best approach to many types of questions in each section.”

“She went over tips on how to approach the SAT tests. She was very knowledgable, patient and helpful. With her help we’re hoping to reach my daughter’s SAT goal score.”


“Helpful and patient”

“Knowledgeable and experienced”