Interview with Gigi Spence

Gigi Spence and Upper Echelon Academy Co-Founder Clementine Goutal discuss getting accepted to Columbia University, avoiding “senioritis” and more! Upper Echelon Academy: Are you planning to take a gap year or begin freshman year this fall? What were some factors that influenced your decision? Gigi: I am not planning on taking a gap year so I will […]

Eve Jobs: Balancing Act

  Eve Jobs sat down with Upper Echelon Academy Co-Founder Clementine Goutal to discuss her experience at Stanford University and pursuing her riding ambitions at the highest level.    Upper Echelon Academy: So this is your freshman year at Stanford, and you have been showing at the highest level in Wellington. What would you say […]

Interview with Lillie Keenan

Lillie Keenan has been one to watch since the pony days, and her intense focus and dedication has not waned. Commuting from Harvard to Europe and around the world for horse shows, she is a model of how hard work and organization pay off. Lillie has been competing with top horses throughout her career, but […]

Madison Goetzmann and Coco Fath

An interview with Coco and Maddy

UEA students Madison Goetzmann and Coco Fath catch up with Clementine Goutal to reflect on the 2017 George H. Morris Horsemastership Clinic and their feelings heading into WEF this season. CLEMENTINE: So many riders dream about being selected for the clinic but also know it’s a massively challenging endeavor. What was your reaction to being invited […]

A Love of Learning

Quest Magazine’s Interview with Clementine Goutal, Founder of Upper Echelon Academy. “A Love of Learning” by Alex Travers. January 2017. To view the article on the Quest site click here. One of Clementine Goutal’s many gifts is the way she has managed to balance her career and her love for all things equestrian. Her business, Upper […]

Lucy Davis Interview

Lucy Davis is an anomaly in equestrian sport. One year after graduating from Stanford University with a degree in architecture, she was standing on the Olympic podium in Rio holding her silver medal high in the air. Now, she’s launching her own, innovative App while she continues to compete at the highest level. Upper Echelon […]