Upcoming Events

Join us for our upcoming calendar evening seminars held weekly at our office on Southshore. Please RSVP to Heather, 865.405.4549, the day before the session if you plan to attend. Open to all UEA students and friends!

Monday current events and debate.

UEA partners Clementine Goutal and Andy Bowers will invite discussion of a recent event relevant to our students. Argue your side in a casual, debate format and our panel will determine the winning team.

Tuesdays with Dr. Jen Speisman.

Jen, our resident psychologist, offers a series geared towards helping our equestrians discover and mobilize the best version of themselves both in the classroom and in the show ring. Jen brings her expertise and invites a weekly guest from our community to participate in an informal panel discussion with time for question and answer.

Wednesday rider yoga.

Meet us for a 40 minute group program that utilizes a fusion of yoga Pilates and tai chi. This choreographed workout emphasizes strengthening and lengthening the appropriate muscles for riding.

Check our calendar for upcoming events and other happenings with UEA.