Harrisburg Re-Cap


Thank you all for a wonderful week in Harrisburg supporting our fabulous UEA riders.

For me, the hunter/jumper world is fascinating. I grew up riding and competing in dressage, and so I generally have no idea about how the classes work! Thanks to Kate, Charlotte, Jordyn, and Emma, I am slowly but surely learning more about this exciting sport! At the same time, I love watching all of our students compete. UEA hosted a dinner each evening, and we enjoyed watching the night classes from our balcony. It was especially fun when students came up after their rides to watch and cheer for their teammates. Kate and I are so excited when they do well, and we are so sad for them when the ride does not go as planned. We are truly some of our riders’ biggest fans!

Second to the excitement of the competition, I had so much fun hanging out with our girls in the UEA study hall room. I always tell people that UEA has the best students, and being at Harrisburg was a great reminder. I am amazed that some of the top junior riders are also some of the most dedicated, conscientious students. These girls have truly mastered the art of “find your balance,” as they shine in both the show ring and in the academic realm. We spent time solving AP math and science problems, writing college application essays, and generally commiserating over the grueling amount of school work. Kate and I both feel like it is important to support our students during indoors, and so UEA offers free tutoring to all of our seasonal students at all of the fall shows. The camaraderie in our study hall room was super fun to see as well. The girls had funny conversations about school and horses, and it was amazing how much they all had in common with both. How great it is to have a place to meet new people and socialize while catching up on school work! All of us at UEA are looking forward to seeing this happen again in our daily late afternoon study halls at the office during WEF.

PA NationalsWe also hope all of our students took advantage of the UEA “Rock Star Room” adjacent to the large schooling area for drinks and snacks during the day. Harrisburg was absolutely a blast and made me miss seeing all of our wonderful students! Just 73 days until WEF!