Interview with Eve Jobs

Find out how Eve found balance


UEA partner Clementine Goutal caught up with Eve Jobs after her busy European tour. UEA provided tutoring services to Eve during high school, helping her to balance her academic and equestrian pursuits. We are excited to see what WEF 2017 will bring for this talented rider!

Interview with Eve Jobs

Upper Echelon Academy: Congratulations on so many things… To sum it up briefly: since May, you graduated from a top high school, were accepted to UCLA, competed with major wins nationally and internationally, and returned to your handsome boyfriend. Wow…So, what are your tricks to staying this level headed and finding time to do everything so well?

EJ: Thank you so much! It’s been a great year so far. I’ve been lucky enough to have the support of a lot of people who have helped me balance everything in my life. It took me a long time to figure out how to balance friends, school and riding, but through the years I figured out the best way to make it all work is to prioritize what is most important to you.

Upper Echelon Academy: This was your first summer showing abroad, competing in Europe. Was it everything it’s hyped up to be?  What was the biggest shock or hardest adjustment?

EJ: Going to Europe this year was an amazing learning experience.  It was my first time competing over there and I learned a tremendous amount. It’s definitely very special to be able to watch so many of the world’s top riders compete at Europe’s incredible venues.

Upper Echelon Academy: Speaking specifically about the balance between riding and academics, what are the tools you’ve found to achieve success in both domains?

EJ: It can be extremely hard to balance both academics and riding. At the beginning of this year I was applying for colleges and riding in Florida, while my high school was located in California. Luckily, my school allowed me to work with Upper Echelon during the weeks that I was away. Having individualized learning was incredibly helpful.

Upper Echelon Academy: How did your academic support system mesh or clash with your athletic team?  Did you feel these commitments were at odds with each other or could you truly balance them and get the most out of both?

EJ: Being able to work with UEA was amazing because I was able to schedule my tutoring and school work around my riding schedule.  It was so easy to make time for both with the flexibility that UEA offered.

Upper Echelon Academy: It’s really exciting to take a gap year, as you are between high school and college.  What do you wish to achieve both as an equestrian and personally in this unique time in your life.

EJ: I am going to prioritize my riding before I spend the next four years focusing on being a college student. I also plan on traveling more. I loved my few weeks in Europe and hope to spend more time competing there next year.

Upper Echelon Academy: As an equestrian, from a young age we learn to lose, learn to work, learn to never give up…..which lessons have you ascertained which couldn’t have been taught in a classroom?

EJ: Riding always keeps you humble. It’s great to see your hard work pay off, but you have to constantly stay at the top of your game. It has taught me independence, dedication and perseverance, which I can apply to all realms of my life.