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SAT/ACT Prep Sessions starting Soon:

  • Every Saturday from 9-12, starting April 22nd through June 3rd

Summer Session:

  • July 10th through August 19th, M-TH 10-12 and 5-7
  • ACT = M/W 10-12, T/TH 5-7
  • SAT = M/W 5-7, T/TH 10-12

Simulations Saturdays: (required unless a previous score is available.)

  • July 8th, 8-11
  • August 12th, 8-11

Included in registration:

  • College Board book or Real ACT Prep Guide

Simulations Saturdays: UEA requires student to either take the included simulations or provide us with previous test/simulation scores. This helps gauge progress and find areas of weakness.

Our Program:

Our program takes the student to the test date. It is in our experience students have stronger test gains when they are educated as close to the test date as possible. Leaving a gap between the last session and the test date creates a gap in retention. We want the material to be as fresh in the students mind as possible.

In addition to the academic component, educators also emphasize the physical and mental components which will contribute to better score gains. We educate the students how to be physically and mentally trained for the test. What to eat the morning of the test, what types of snacks to bring and how to keep not only your mid focused but your body awake.

Make Up Sessions:

Make up sessions are at additional costs. Each week there will be a make up day for students who missed one or both classes. This ensures each student stays at pace with the class as they work through module blocks.

Our Educator:

UEA’s qualified educator has been teaching SAT/ACT prep since 2005. She constantly raises students’ SAT scores by more than 250 points and ACT scores by 6. Most impressively she has helped several students attain a perfect score in both the SAT and ACT. Here’s what people are saying:

“She is an excellent tutor in ACT reading and Science. Among other things, she has helped our daughter understand the best approach to many types of questions in each section.”

“She went over tips on how to approach the SAT tests. She was very knowledgable, patient and helpful. With her help we’re hoping to reach my daughter’s SAT goal score.”


“Helpful and patient”

“Knowledgeable and experienced”

Standardized Testing

Get standardized testing help from Upper Echelon Academy

Beginning with entrance exams for preschool children and covering everything through the graduate school level. Our specialties are the SSAT, SAT, and ACT exam preparation and we offer packages to get your student ready.


Our tutors prepare students for the SAT with rigorous test training preparation. Students can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship with exceptional test scores and are filled with confidence from this essential practice to excel in future standardized testing.



We help students prepare for this nationally recognized standardized test with tried and tested methods. We develop our student’s ability to reason by revealing the tactics and methodologies that enable individuals to succeed. Our extensive tutelage in test-taking strategies will give our students a decided advantage when it comes time to take this critical test.



We develop student proficiency in navigating through misleading multiple choice questions. Our students acquire specific knowledge in the various topics required to achieve strong test scores.


We assist students in acquiring academic aptitude across a wide array of subject areas. Class exemptions can be attained when outstanding scores are achieved and our tutors help students to realize successful results.



Our tutors prepare students to excel at this nationally recognized standardized test. The intricacies involved in achieving academic success are instilled in our students through the imparting of test-taking strategies, practice testing and the development of strong literary skills needed for the optional writing component.



We assist students in developing their verbal reasoning, mathematics, quantitative reasoning and reading comprehension needed to excel at this multiple choice test. We help students to realize the satisfaction that results from watching their percentile rank rise from skill development in the aforementioned areas.



We have experienced tutors that help students develop the skills needed to pass this universal English test. Our tutors help students to achieve a level of proficiency in the English language required at college and university.