Upper Echelon Academy Provides Individualized Programs For Full-Time And Seasonal Students

Upper Echelon Academy of Wellington provides individualized tutoring services and an accredited educational program for students year-round, with enrollment options for full-time and seasonal students.

The academy was established in 2013, bringing together a group of founders and educators who had been working with diverse groups of students in Wellington for nearly 20 years.

The school’s mission is to provide superior education in all subjects, enabling students to thrive scholastically. The school strives to maximize each child’s capacity to excel academically and athletically, and the faculty works relentlessly to provide clients with a well-balanced, fulfilling and intellectual experience.

Upper Echelon Academy offers academic assistance for all grade levels. The primary division specializes in preparing students with the basics needed for literacy and mathematic competency, assisting students struggling with any educational concepts.

“For seasonal academics, we work one-on-one with students, and closely with trainers, around competitions, in order to meet the academic goals of every student,” said Clementine Goutal, one of three co-owners, together with Kate Bomgaars and Heather Amber. “Our Upper Echelon Primary Academy offers developmentally appropriate group learning for students during the Winter Equestrian Festival in order to provide curriculum continuity.”

The school also specializes in test preparation to ensure that students gain entrance into the colleges of their choice. “Many of our students come to us because they need support to excel academically,” Bomgaars said. “Students who are pursuing goals outside of the classroom, or students whose learning needs are not met within the confines of traditional education, thrive within the Upper Echelon Academy experience. One student, a talented figure skater, began working with Upper Echelon Academy in 2013. Our administrators were able to work with her school and create a curriculum program that allowed her to focus part of her day on her sport while excelling academically through the benefit of one-on-one instruction.”

Upper Echelon Academy focuses on determining the best academic program for each individual. Educators regularly meet new clients who are eager to focus on riding or another sport, or who have learning differences that create difficulty in a typical classroom setting.

“We work with the student’s school administration and teachers to develop the best possible curriculum for each student as an individual,” Bomgaars said. “This is an integral part of our job, as we are responsible for convincing these institutions to take that leap of faith and tailor an academic program to the needs of each student. Once the process is underway, and the teachers see how students thrive in one-on-one and small group settings, apprehensions are assuaged. It’s very rewarding to hear from principals, teachers and counselors that our clients experience dramatic academic gains during their time with Upper Echelon Academy.”

The founders of the school are all competitive equestrians who personally understand the unique needs of young riders who travel the show circuit.

“We pride ourselves on creating individualized schedules with the highest quality instruction,” Goutal said. “Our year-round program offers exceptional curriculum in each content area, including more than 20 college board Advanced Placement courses for our high school students. Upper Echelon Academy tailors educational plans to support and enrich the academic experience for each individual. Our professional instruction, combined with the top curriculum available in each subject and individual education plans, guarantees academic excellence for every learner.”

Upper Echelon Academy is located in the Chancellor Corporate Center at 12008 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington. For more information, call (705) 241-6683 or visit www.upperechelonacademy.com.