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We offer customized academic solutions for all students, from an accredited year-round program to subject tutoring and college guidance. We are here for every step of your academic journey.

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At UEA, academic excellence intersects with the freedom to pursue your personal goals.

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"Being able to work with UEA was amazing because I was able to schedule my tutoring and school work around my riding schedule."

- Eve J, UEA Student

“UEA helps me stay on top of all my work while being in Florida for the winter and traveling during finals season. The tutors are helpful, attentive, and understand the rigors of juggling a full course load while training and competing. They are concise, competent, and detailed enough to fully explore each subject. Now that I am in my junior year, everyone at UEA is open to help with the college process and is there to alleviate stress in any way they can. Throughout my time at UEA, I have not only thrived academically, but I have also gained experiences and tools that will assist me as I finish high school and begin the college process. UEA has made it easy to stay on a successful academic track while allowing me to pursue my equestrian goals.

- Tessa B.

“I’ve worked with UEA for two years now and they have really helped me with my time management skills for school. They also understand how much the horses mean to me. Before working with UEA, I dreaded school, but they've made schoolwork enjoyable. I really appreciate UEA’s support in and out of the ring, and can't thank them enough for all they do as it’s tough to manage school and riding at this level.”

- Alex A.

“UEA has allowed me to give full effort in both riding and school. Being in an enthusiastic and supportive school environment has helped me reach my goals.”

- Teddi P.

“I’ve been working with UEA for three years now and they’ve helped me manage a difficult schedule that works around competition and training hours, while also getting enough time to do my classes. Working with UEA has taught me time management, flexibility, and has improved my study skills. The tutors make learning fun and easy, yet also manage to keep me on pace in my classes!”

- Bella C.

“I appreciate UEA because of their flexibility and understanding of an equestrian's schedule. The tutors are amazing and you learn so much every time you sit down with them. Also, Heather and Kate are so helpful whenever you need anything - I’m just so thankful to be able to work with everyone at UEA.”

- Ansgar H.