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k-4 seasonal support

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The UEA Primary Academy offers a regular school day schedule for the seasonal K-4 student in a small group setting.  UEA tailors academic content to the home school's academic rigor.

UEA implements your school's curriculum to enable seamless transitions between programs. We communicate with your school to ensure each student stays on par with their class at home. UEA administration will set up zoom calls with your student's school to learn about your student's learning style and curriculum.   

UEA's reading and math specialists work with students individually throughout the day. Daily enrichment offerings extend the school day with opportunities to learn new skills in a group setting.

UEA Primary Academy students also have group activities outside of UEA, such as Danny and Ron’s Lip Sync event, fundraising opportunities, movie nights, and more.


  • Music
  • Art
  • Foreign Language
  • Chess Club
  • STEM

“I had never really been a big fan of school. Back in traditional school I always dreaded going into school. Now that I work with Upper Echelon, learning is actually fun. I love all my teachers and enjoy going to school.”

- Sophia A.