Our Team

UEA’s team brings together leaders who know what it is like to balance a competitive athletic career with a rigorous academic course load. Our academy was founded to provide academic solutions for elite athletes, as well as students seeking a more flexible and individualized academic plan.  

Clementine Goutal - Founder

Clementine graduated from Brown University with a commitment to developing a program for student-athletes that enables excellence in both arenas. Throughout her junior years and during college, Clementine balanced academic success with achieving top results as international show jumping athlete, earning top results at the highest levels of the sport. She is passionate about creating opportunities for students to pursue their personal goals while receiving a high quality education. 

Kate Bomgaars - Partner

Kate’s graduate degrees in Business Marketing and Graphic Communications prepared her to head operations at UEA. With her own children in mind, she recognized the need for an elementary program that provides continuity and enrichment activities, such as foreign language and music instruction in a supported, child-centered environment. 

Heather Amber - Partner

Heather graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Learning and a minor in French. She enjoys working with parents and students as the preeminent college and academic advisor for UEA.