Our professional, one-on-one instruction, combined with the top curriculum available in each subject, ensures academic excellence for every learner. All of our educators are well versed in leveraging virtual learning to aid in the ever-changing educational environment.

Our team expertly helps our students learn to balance rigorous academics with their personal pursuits. We believe that a high-caliber education and personal goals can coexist, and that success can be achieved both inside and outside the classroom walls.

What makes UEA different?

At UEA, we understand the importance of an individualized approach to education.

Our mission is to maximize each student’s capacity to excel academically, while affording them the freedom to succeed in other domains. We provide our students with a well-balanced intellectual experience.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly-qualified educators dedicated to customizing and implementing educational solutions for each student.

From our year-round programs to seasonal academic support, subject tutoring, college admissions advising, and assisting with credit transfers, UEA’s team of educators and administrators creates an exceptional educational experience designed to meet each student’s academic and extracurricular goals. 

How We Teach

We tailor instruction based on how the student learns best. Our one-on-one education model provides a supportive learning environment. We schedule sessions based on the student’s calendar, which may fluctuate day to day or week to week. 

Where Are We

UEA has two physical locations in the heart of Wellington, FL. For students working with us remotely, our educators use virtual instruction technology and can meet with students via multimedia platforms. For our students who travel, meeting virtually ensures learning continuity even when they’re on the road. UEA also has a presence at major equestrian events to provide in-person support to our equestrian students while they are at competitions.

curious about our programs?