UEA is here to help! We have test prep specialists for all exams: SSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, LSAT, GMAT, PSAT, and the MCAT.

We help students navigate the process of choosing the best test. Our test prep experts then cover the academic content needed to achieve competitive scores.

Utilizing diagnostic tools, we evaluate each student's ability, and then create a program to address areas of improvement.

With our individualized program, students work with their specialist until the test date so that the material is as fresh in the student's mind as possible.

In addition to teaching test content, UEA educators also focus on test-taking skills and emphasize the physical and mental components that contribute to better scores. We educate students on how to be in top physical and mental shape for the test — from what to eat the morning of the test, to how to keep your mind focused and your body calm.

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We understand that test prep can be stressful and that even in today’s more progressive collegiate climate, test scores still matter.

“I definitely believe that UEA helped me with prepping for the ACT. The one-on-one tutoring allowed me to focus on the sections that I struggled with in order to raise my score. By working with Laurie, I was able to reach my ideal score and grab the attention of my dream school”

- Sophia A.