If I plan to stay enrolled at my current school, what support does UEA provide?

UEA provides supplementary support, including subject tutoring, and administrative oversight for students who remain enrolled in their school of record. Our team will communicate with teachers and administration at your current school in order to facilitate the process of leaving and returning to routine enrollment. UEA tutors will teach each of your subjects, covering the content missed during your absence.

Does UEA adhere to a typical academic calendar?

UEA’s full-time students have a flexible academic calendar that helps them balance demanding coursework along with their extracurricular goals, including athletic pursuits. While most students adhere to a typical school year, others choose to work through the summer term to have a lighter course load during the busier times of their athletic season. We are here to provide options and explain alternatives, creating a customized educational experience.

Do you offer admissions counseling and test prep services?

UEA offers outstanding admissions counseling services by experienced admissions advisors. Combined with our test prep experts, UEA’s admissions-focused program ensures the best outcome for each student’s goals. 

Students enrolled in UEA full time begin the college counseling process in their freshman year. We use a narrative approach to admissions that builds on student interests and strengths in order to ensure that our students stand out in the applicant pool.

How does UEA help my prospects of gaining a spot on an NCAA team?

UEA has dedicated NCAA advisors who are former coaches at NCAA schools. These advisors work in conjunction with our admissions team in order to streamline the process and help students attain their goal. UEA’s full-time students complete coursework that ensures NCAA eligibility. 

Where do classes take place?

UEA is proud to offer both virtual/hybrid and full-time in person enrollment options for full-time students. Students seeking supplementary support may meet virtually, in home or at UEA.

Can I take classes with other students? 

UEA offers group and individual tutoring. Our full-time students have the option of receiving individualized instruction within a small-group setting.

What clubs and social activities does UEA offer?

UEA offers many social outings throughout the school year. Our students meet for activities such as movie nights, bowling, and trivia nights at local venues and come together to support charitable causes. Our students develop their resumes through participation in a variety of clubs and community service organizations.