Going to school online or being away from school for long periods of time can leave students longing for more social connection. For this reason, UEA offers events, panels, and social outings throughout the school year. Our students work alongside their friends in small groups at school while making new friends during UEA sponsored activities. 

At UEA, we believe that connecting with other students and making new friendships play a vital role in academic success and personal growth.

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UEA’s Social Impact Committee works to raise funds and awareness for causes close to our students' hearts. Our team teaches and inspires philanthropy by guiding students to plan and execute initiatives.

UEA Primary Academy students raise money each year for Danny and Ron’s Rescue, through bake and raffle sales. They cap off their experience with an onstage performance at the Danny and Ron’s Lip Sync event each year in Wellington, FL.

UEA students also give back by supporting the Equus Foundation. UEA hosts events geared towards raising awareness of issues concerning the equine industry.

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