At UEA, we believe that connecting with other students, networking, and relationship building play vital roles in academic success and personal growth.

Student Life at UEA

uea fosters an environment where students can be:

  • driven
  • creative
  • respectful
  • collaborative
  • engaging 
  • entrepreneurial
  • philantrhopic

UEA students receive individual instruction in a small-group setting. We provide a balanced, developmentally-appropriate education. 

The culture at UEA is strongly academic-focused and purposeful, supporting the achievement of often lofty goals, both in and out of the classroom. We foster growth by tailoring our program to the individual needs and strengths of each student. 

At UEA, we are a community. We prioritize real-time communication with educators, advisors and classmates both while on campus and outside of school. When students are not studying, UEA organizes extracurricular group activities, including events, panels, and social outings.

Our campuses offer small classrooms as well as one-on-one tutor spaces and individual study areas placed in an open-concept style to encourage dialogue with others. 

We also believe in the power of giving back. UEA’s Social Impact Committee works to raise funds and awareness for causes close to our students' hearts. Our team teaches and inspires philanthropy by guiding students to plan and execute charitable initiatives.