UEA was designed with the serious athlete in mind. As such, UEA boasts an extensive track record of helping equestrians and elite-level athletes achieve their goals in and out of the classroom.

With full-time enrollment and seasonal support options available, UEA is fully equipped to create the academic plan that best suits each individual athlete, alongside the demands of serious sporting commitments. UEA offers dedicated NCAA advisors, and college counseling begins as early as the ninth grade. UEA’s full-time students complete coursework that ensures NCAA eligibility. 

designed for the serious athlete

One-on-one Seasonal Support

Communication + Continuity

UEA’s administrative team works directly with students' schools to ensure seamless transitions. From start to finish, we handle all communication between administration and teachers. UEA has established relationships with well-respected schools across North America.

Our brick and mortar locations allow students to meet with tutors in a school setting.

Challenging Academics

UEA has an extensive background in designing and delivering curriculum. We have established relationships with well-respected schools across North America, enabling our educators to implement diverse curricula with great success. 

Personal Connection & uniquely skilled educators

UEA's tutors connect with students, which maximizes the benefits of individualized instruction. Our consistent base of tutors develops a rapport with  students that continues from year to year.

For several months or just a few days, UEA can support athletes' academic needs while they're away from school.

in-person instruction

Should your school require disenrollment due to extended absence, UEA has extensive experience managing academic requirements to prevent a gap in your transcript.

Whether you are beginning a new academic path, or just need something to bridge the gap, UEA can create a curriculum that best fits your needs. Our accredited programs will ensure you can return to school with a transcript showing continuous coursework. 


Traveling Support

UEA students establish relationships with their tutors that continue beyond seasonal support. Tutors meet with students year round using instructional technology. Whether you are traveling to shows in North America or Europe, UEA can help keep your academics on track.

"The biggest challenge in balancing academics and riding is time management. UEA's flexible schedule allows me to be thorough with my training at home and competitive at the shows but still get a great education."

- Olivia