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UEA values a holistic approach to education that honors each child as an individual while focusing on the benefit of participating in our school community. Each day is structured to provide individualized instruction, enrichment classes, and appropriate recess time.

UEA upholds the importance of play, positive peer interactions, and healthy physical development as determiners of scholastic achievement. Each student is encouraged to grow as a learner and as a member of our active community. Through completely individualized instruction using the top curriculum available in each subject, students reach their full potential.


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Wilson language (Fundations)
Geodes (K-2)
Reader’s Workshop
Wordly Wise
Sadlier Grammar


Writer's Workshop

Singapore Math

Science & Social Studies
Units of Inquiry 
Envision Science
Our World 

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weekly enrichment

  • Guidance 
  • Technology and Innovation 
  • Library
  • Music 
  • PE 
  • Foreign Language 
  • Art

school life

Lunch can be bought from home, or a daily lunch offering with a set weekly menu will be available for $10/day. 

UEA students leave our campus daily for recess at Scott’s Place Park. Rain or shine, our school day will include at least 30 minutes of unstructured play time. 

After-school activity clubs will be organized on a trimester basis and available for an additional fee. 


UEA commits to the highest educational standards for all of our students. Students in third through fifth grade take ERB’s Milestones assessment three times each year to ensure that our program maintains or makes gains for each child. For first through fifth grade, students take the CTP in early May. 

At UEA, assessment facilitates communication with parents regarding student progress and ensures that we follow best practices for each individual in curriculum and instruction.


UEA’s admission process includes family interview, review of student records, teacher and administrator recommendations (where applicable), and standardized testing using ERB’s assessment. The admissions process is designed to inform families and guide UEA regarding student needs. 

Annual tuition for students in K-5 is $22,500.
All textbooks and student supplies are provided.

“I had never really been a big fan of school. Back in traditional school I always dreaded going into school. Now that I work with Upper Echelon, learning is actually fun. I love all my teachers and enjoy going to school.”

- Sophia A.